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Jana Ronsse

Love: Dance, writing to affect a change or express beauty, sing, listen to music, learn about and share the Gospel of Christ, good wine, coffee, food, shopping, reading good books and movies that change you for the better, chewing Milk Duds, naps with my dog and cat, crazy weather that I am safe from, skinny dipping, giving others gifts helping others (as long as it doesn't cut into nap-time), did I mention naps?, prayers, talking to the Lord, camping, early mornings, late evenings, the first sliver of a new moon in a black sky, birds, love birds, love the sound of birds, and crickets, and wind chimes at night, Christmas Eve, answered prayers.
Dislike: banal conversation, people who ride my bumper, people that call me "kiddo" (only my Father could do that), walking on slippery ice, getting a cold, loud engines, the smell of diesel, being stuck in a one-sided conversation and not knowing how to end it, criticism, the way I cry to easily when I feel hurt, reality tv, soap operas, multi-tasking, Christmas night.