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Kenneth Freeman

State of Idaho
Boise, Idaho
Adventure most unto itself
The Soul condemned to be--
Attended by a single Hound
It's own identity.
~Emily Dickinson

Dig infinity.
~Lord Buckley

I am a Boisean with eclectic interests, a civil servant at the Idaho State Liquor Division, a long-time co-administrator of INFJ-L (the oldest and second-largest mailing list for that Myers-Briggs personality type on the Internet), and an early lifetime LibraryCrack, err, LibraryThing member (1500 books and counting). Just another geek!

My day job claim to fame back in the day is that I was the catalog editor at Blue Dove Press in San Diego for a couple of years (“Saints and Sages of the East and West”), so I would very much concur with Borges that Paradise shall be a kind of library. I have other ideas about Heaven too, but that said I've done a fair amount of editing and ghostwriting in my time. (I've been told that I'm an “interesting mix of the sacred and profane,” but personally I consider “vulgar and arcane” more accurate.)

I'm happily running Ubuntu Linux, and I fancy that if I were a programmer I'd program in Perl, if only because it looks like a cartoon character swearing.

For more, and perhaps too much information, check out my userboxes on Wikipedia ( "User: kencf0618").

Take care & God bless!