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Brandon Zehm

Eagle, ID

Brandon Zehm and Matt Rissel started TSheets back in 2006 to solve a need Matt's business was facing. As a technologist Brandon built a quick web app to make time tracking easy for employees, and make it easy for Matt to see who was working at which stores. They then turned it into a SaaS product at a time before SaaS was even "a thing". Brandon has been intimately involved with everything technology: application architecture and design, coding, server builds, OS security and hardening, database server configuration, optimization, redundancy, and lots more. They're now trying to solve a bigger problem and figure out how to make time tracking something that employees around the world enjoy rather than something they just have to do.

About Brandon: I love travel and photography and spent 5 months out of the country last year.
Read a book called "Chronotherapy" in December and decided to hack my body's clock by building a sunrise simulator. I had to hack a Wink Hub, install new wireless light switches, and write a program to gradually brighten the lights in my room at the right time.

Made my own "Soylent" recipe and use it in place of real food for about 50% of my meals.

While staying at hotels in Asia last year I routinely hacked their wifi routers and reconfigured them to work better when there are lots of people and devices present. I can't stand poor wifi performance when a few simple configuration changes will make it better for everyone!

Made my own Tesla coil to learn about high voltage electricity. Did the obligatory work of making it play music too ;-)

Got curious about BitCoin last year and built a huge "mining" operation that I ran for 6 months.

Rather than buying an off-the-shelf home security system, I hacked my own using inexpensive Raspberry Pis and USB cameras. Wrote scripts that detect when my cell phone connects to my home wifi and disables it and enables the system automatically.

Got interested in the stock market and wrote my own trading bot and market simulator to test out my theories.