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David Ultis

Citizen Scientific Workshop, LLC

We are certainly living through some amazing times these days. Something of a renaissance and dark age in which science and technology are playing a titanic role on both sides of the coin. Humanity’s capabilities for wonder and genius seem to be some of a close family of characteristics that keep us ever searching for the next horizon of exploration. We believe that in every world citizen’s workshop, there is the capability to achieve anything, and that everyone, anywhere should be empowered to participate. We strive to embody that message in our development of projects, experiments, art, ideas and concepts so that others may see fit to participate and work with us to provide their value and inspiration to what is already a thriving universal culture of creativity and sharing.

Welcome to the Citizen Scientific Workshop, home to the pursuits and exploits of the amateur scientist, weekend tinker, accidental artist, pure creator, and practical fabricator. We aim to provide an open market that empowers influences from Open-source hardware and software to create projects and experiments that lead us to new heights of wonder and invention. Please feel free to ponder as you peruse through our site, and don’t hesitate to contact is with your questions and feedback. Thank you!

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, March 27

10:00am MDT