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Tristan Andreas

Micron Technology
Senior Engineer
Boise, ID

Tristan Andreas is the studio owner and producer at Fort Hazel. He's played in several bands including Phantahex, Lowbelly and Fury III.

Process development engineer with broad experience in surface preparation, including wet chemical processing, dry plasma strip and chemical-mechanical polishing. Developed numerous processes that are used in my company's fabrication lines. My goal is to maintain expertise in my area and continue to explore new semiconductor manufacturing technology, especially those processes involving 3-phase boundaries between substrate, process medium and the ambient.

Specialties:Post-etch cleaning, post-CMP cleaning, selective etching, particle removal, low-damage cleaning, resist strip, chemical-mechanical cleaning kinetics, novel and advanced substrates, cross-contamination control, hardware process optimization, single-wafer and batch-process tools, solvent cleaning, megasonic processes, energetic spray cleaning, PVA brush and other contact cleaning methods. I hold numerous patents in these areas.

My Moderators Sessions

Saturday, March 28

10:00am MDT

[HACKFORT] Hardware Hack Session 1 The Owyhee

1:00pm MDT